Sony XAV-AX100 in-car entertainment system launched, gets Android Auto & Apple CarPlay

Sony India has launched a new in-car entertainment system under the XAV-AX100 product name. It comes with an advanced user interface and various connectivity options.

The Sony XAV-AX100 supports navigation, voice control as well as touch inputs. It is also equipped with two most popular connectivity platforms – Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It must be noted here that navigation support hasn’t been enabled for CarPlay in India yet.

The system further comes with Sony’s EXTRA BASS™ feature that boosts bass of the audio setup to provide an optimized audio experience. Sony has also kept things simple by providing voice control and conventional rotary knobs for the volume management. This helps in minimizing driver distraction while using the system.

Sony audio system

Sony XAV-AX100: Android Auto compatibility

Since the system comes with Android Auto, it seamlessly connects with any other device running on the Android platform. The in-car entertainment system features a simple and intuitive interface, along with a responsive voice recognition that makes it very easy for the driver to manipulate the head-unit while driving. Moreover, the system can use your phone’s features like by streaming music, maps and much more with the car’s infotainment system.

Sony XAV-AX100: Apple CarPlay compatibility

If you are someone who is using an iPhone, the presence of Apple CarPlay on the new Sony XAV-AX100 ensures that you are offered a seamless experience, no matter what device you are on. With the CarPlay compatibility, it is extremely easy to connect your phone to a car. CarPlay allows users to access Apple Music, make phone calls and even send messages through the infotainment touchscreen. The above tasks can also be performed through Apple’s virtual assistant – Siri®. This allows users to use Siri’s voice recognition to make the best use of the infotainment system. We would like to repeat here that Apple hasn’t yet enabled navigation through CarPlay in India.

Sony XAV-AX100 navigation

Sony XAV-AX100: Sound system

The Sony XAV-AX100 in-car audio system comes with 55watts x 4 Dynamic Reality Amp 2 and EXTRA BASS low boost circuitry in order to successfully overcome the engine noise and provide an insulated feel. It also comes with rear USB and Bluetooth. 

The system features a 10-band graphic equalizer that helps the user to customize various characteristics of the sound to ensure that the output suits his/her taste. It offers a huge variety of sound, perfectly complementing EXTRA BASS for an enjoyable drive. 3-pre out connectivity allows enhanced system expandability and helps in connecting external amplifiers with a wide range of speaker connections. As a result, if you are a sound enthusiast, it is very easy to build your own bespoke setup around the AX100.

Sony XAV-AX100: touch screen and rear camera support

The XAV-AX100 comes with a highly responsive, high-definition touchscreen display. This makes it a lot more intuitive and easy to fiddle with, as compared to conventional 2DIN systems. Moreover, it offers Sony an option to update the system whenever needed. Additionally, it also has support for a rear-view camera, which can be used to safely reverse your car without the need to strain your neck.

Sony XAV-AX100: Price in India






XAV-AX100Rs. 26,990Black

January, 2017

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    I buy ignis. 2nd top model Zeta. But When i check after buying. There is no engine cover at upper as well as lower. No back wheel full fender line.. if representative would have told me about this.I wouldn have never bought it but your representative also not known about this feature then how they told. its your manufacturing fault . I paid So huge amount for ignis . But you are fail to fullfill these basic requirment. I am not recommend to any one buy ignis..MY IGNIS REG
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