Self-driving Uber car kills pedestrian in USA

A self-driving car, which was part of the Uber fleet, was involved in an accident that claimed the life of a female pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona. The said vehicle was a Volvo XC90 that was loaded with Uber’s self-driving equipment, including various sensors and actuators that help the car to drive itself, without any human input.

The accident took place when Elaine Herzberg (age: 49) was crossing a street. According to media reports, the victim was outside the marked crosswalk, which confused the self-driving vehicle as it couldn’t read the crossing pedestrian appropriately. The premium SUV thus struck the pedestrian, claiming her life. Interestingly, there was a driver in the car to tackle emergency situations, but he clearly wasn’t able to anticipate the situation and thus failed to avoid the incident.

Incidents like this can prove to be a hurdle for the acceptance and adoption of self-driving cars across the globe. Governments are anyways hesitant about allowing tests of autonomous cars on public roads. And with such accidents taking headlines, it will be interesting to see how things pan out in the near future.

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