[VIDEO] Itching powder used to loot money from Activa rider

Thieves in India continuously come up with new scams to loot people across the country. Off late, the number of scams on motorists has increased exponentially. Remember theĀ thak-thak gang that caught headlines a year back after several videos of their act filled the Internet? Well, there’s now a new contender in town for being the most innovative scam on the road.

A video posted on YouTube shows one of the many victims of this new itching powder gang. It shows a man with a red bag that is reportedly full of cash. The man in question can be seen putting the bag in the under seat storage area of his Honda Activa, as one of the members of the gang puts the itching powder on his neck. The powder reacts and the victim gets uncomfortable instantly. He steps back to remove his shirt, but continues to keep an eye on the red bag.

Seeing that the victim is still not far away from the cash bag, another gang member steps in and points to something far away from the Activa. He claims that the victim has dropped something from his shirt. As the man steps in the pointed direction, a third member of the gang quickly takes away the bag and everyone disappear in an instant.

Check out the video here:


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