Hyundai HyBuy – a social media platform to earn car buying benefits

Hyundai Motor India has announced the launch of a new digital marketing platform called HyBuy. This new platform aims to attract multiple buyers on to the Hyundai family by offering car buying benefit points for new referrals. Through this new initiative, Hyundai India is aiming to engage customers digitally and motivate them to refer friends and family to buy Hyundai cars. Whenever a referred customer buys a Hyundai car, the customer who referred him/her will earn buying points. These points will then help them get a deal during one of their next purchases. There are multiple other benefits on offer on the Hyundai HyBuy portal.

The benefit points earned on the HyBuy platform can be used to get a lucrative on the next new car purchase, or even offer enticing discounts on roadside assistance packages, extended warranties and interior & exterior accessories. It must be noted that all benefits offered on the HyBuy platform will be over and above all other offers applicable in the offline market. As a result, customers booking through the HyBuy portal will essentially get a better deal than those going forward with an offline route.

Through this initiative, Hyundai is motivating its customers and prospective buyers to share whenever they buy a Hyundai car. The company believes that this will bring the attention of more people towards the carmaker and its products, and thus eventually help in sales. The HyBuy platform’s tagline says ‘Benefits of Buying Together’. This stresses on the fact that the more number of people buy a Hyundai product together, or through each other’s referrals, the more benefits and freebies they will win.

It is also worth noting that all these offers will be limited for time as well as volume. Hyundai will keep introducing new offers once a particular deal has lapsed. Currently there are offers around the Hyundai Elite i20 on the HyBuy portal.

Further details and user registration can be accessed on the official HyBuy website.

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