New Maruti Swift 2018 accessories price list revealed

Maruti Suzuki has launched the 2018 Swift hatchback in India at prices starting from Rs. 4.99 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). This marks the entry of the third-generation Swift in the Indian market. It is worth noting that all previous generations of the Swift were a delight for modifiers and customisers in the country. As a result, it is highly likely that customers who will be buying the new Swift will be looking for adding accessories to the car.

This is the reason behind the continuous requests that we have been receiving regarding the price list of the new Swift’s official accessories. We got in touch with a few authorized Maruti Suzuki dealerships in order to get all the required information.

But before we start rambling about all the available new Maruti Swift accessories, let’s give a brief overview of the new model’s variants. The new-gen Maruti Swift is available in four trim levels – L, V, Z and Z+. It is worth noting that the Z+ trim, which includes the ZXi+ petrol and ZDi+ diesel, is the new trim added to the updated model. This new top-end model comes with various feature additions like projector headlamps, LED DRLs, touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and rearview camera.

As a result, owners of the Z+ variants don’t need to worry about installing a better infotainment head unit or projector headlamps. However, there are still multiple accessories that can be used to add a pinch of personalisation to the New Maruti Swift.

Following are all the official accessories available with the new Maruti Swift.

New Maruti Swift Accessories List Variants Price (in Rs)
Body Cover L, V, Z, Z+ 1290
Door Visor L, V, Z, Z+ 990
LED Door Step Guard L, V, Z, Z+ 3590
Graphics (Roof Wrap + Hood) L, V, Z, Z+ 10,000
Fog Lamp L, V, (Standard on Z and Z+) 3490
MAT L, V, Z, Z+ 1790
Boot Mat L, V, Z, Z+ 400
Bumper Corner Protector L, V, Z, Z+ 1090
Front Grille Garnish L, V, Z, Z+ 1690
C-pillar Chrome Garnish L, V, Z, Z+ 490
Front Bumper garnish L, V, Z, Z+ 890
Rear Bumper Garnish L, V, Z, Z+ 1390
Back Door garnish L, V, Z, Z+ 790
Fog Lamp Garnish L, V, Z, Z+ 790
Tail-lamp Garnish L, V, Z, Z+ 1090
Window Frame kit L, V, Z, Z+ 1590
Front Power Window L (Standard on V, Z and Z+) 6990
Seat Cover L, V, Z, Z+ 6490
Remote Locking L (Standard on V, Z and Z+) 4000
Spoiler L, V, Z, Z+ 3490
Flocking L, V, Z, Z+ 5000
Styling Kit L, V, Z, Z+ 16,560
Interior Styling Kit L, V, Z, Z+ 4690
Woofer Amplifier L, V, Z, Z+ 18,000
Touchscreen Multimedia L,V,Z (Standard on Z+) 26,990
Reverse Parking Sensors L,V (Standard on Z and Z+) 4000
Reverse parking camera L,V,Z (Standard on Z+) 5000
Navigation System L, V, Z, (Standard on Z+) 13,000
Air Inflator L, V, Z, Z+ 2100
Vacuum Cleaner L, V, Z, Z+ 990
Air Purifier L, V, Z, Z+ 4500
Car Care Kit L, V, Z, Z+ 1599
Car Duster L, V, Z, Z+ 350
Mobile Charger L, V, Z, Z+ 690
Cushion L, V, Z, Z+ 1700
Steering Cover L, V, Z, Z+ 790
God Idol L, V, Z, Z+ 290
Bluetooth L, (Standard on V,Z andZ+) 2590


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