This ‘Modified-in-India’ Hyundai Grand i10 looks aggressive yet classy

The Hyundai Grand i10 hatchback has always been a good looking car. It is one of those rare designs that doesn’t offend anyone, while also not enticing customers to make a purchase just based on the design itself. However, there are a few owners of the Grand i10 that go a step forward and make theirs a lot alluring to look at, thanks to some tasteful modifications.

Folks at a Kerala-based car modifier – Smokerz Garage, have tweaked a white Hyundai Grand i10, and the resulting product is something to drool over. There aren’t many aggressive modifications done to the car in question. However, the subtle tweaks do manage to transform the way it looks. This modified Grand i10 has been nick-named Propaganda.

Following are the list of modifications done to the Hyundai Grand i10, aka, Propaganda:

  • Front custom skirt & lip
  • Front custom air scope
  • Adjustable front bumper lip splitter
  • Car bumper lip fins
  • Custom headlight (red & black finished)
  • GT side skirt & custom side lip
  • Custom back bumper kit
  • Crome delete
  • F1 number plate
  • 15-inch 8j wheels wrapped in 195/50 profile tyres
  • Exterior paint job

Like what you read here? Check out the complete image gallery of the ‘Modified-in-India’ Hyundai Grand i10.

Modified Hyundai Grand i10 Image Gallery

Want to get your car modified in India? You can get in touch with Smokerz Garage through the following links:

Images by Nitin Sadanandan

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