Tata Motors scraps off TAMO Racemo sportscar project

Tata Motors has shelved off its ambitious TAMO Racemo sportscar project. The decision, which came to light through the recent edition of Autocar India magazine, has been taken by the top management. It has been decided that the funds that were to be utilised to commercialise the Racemo sportscar will now be used to boost the company’s commercial vehicle business.

The Racemo was unveiled at the Geneva Motors Show and was expected to go on sale in India by the end of this year. It has been developed under the TAMO sub-brand, which is basically a standalone innovative arm within Tata Motors.

Through the Racemo, Tata Motors was  trying to enhance its brand image. Since the company has suffered a lot due to poor customer experiences in the distant past, Tata was aiming to revamp its passenger car operations and deliver products that help it garner more sales in the industry. In fact, Tata is aiming to become the third largest carmaker in India by 2020.

The TAMO brand wasdedicated to introduce low-volume, low-cost products. The first-ever car to be unveiled under the TAMO brand was the C-Cube concept, while the Racemo sportscar was expected to be the first TAMO car in India to go on sale.

TAMO Racemo front with doors

There is a lot to talk about the TAMO Racemo. So, we have classified this article into sub-sections for better understanding for our readers.

Tata TAMO Racemo Specifications

If you are a car lover, what do you look for in a new sportscar? The power on offer. So, let us see how the new Tata Racemo fares in this department.

Powering the Tata Motors sportscar is a 1.2-litre, three-cylinder Revotron petrol engine that has been turbocharged and intercooled to churn out 190 PS of power @ 6,500 rpm and 210 Nm of torque at 2,500 rpm. The engine is mated to a 6-speed AMT gearbox which comes with paddle shifters behind the steering wheel and a push-button reverse function.

The engine block has been made of aluminum to keep the overall weight of the car low. Being a three-cylinder unit, it will be interesting to see how Tata tunes the engine in order to minimize the levels of noise, vibration, and harshness.

The car comes with disc brakes on all four wheels, which are further complimented by the presence of ABS and EBD. The tyres at the front are smaller (17-inch) as compared to that on the rear (18-inch). This has been done to enhance the car’s high-speed and cornering stability.

Tata Motors hasn’t revealed the TAMO Racemo’s top speed. However, the company claims that the car can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just under 6 seconds. While this figure is surely not groundbreaking, it is definitely something to boast of for a home-grown manufacturer.

Engine 1.2-litre turbocharged & intercooled petrol
Power 190 PS @6,500 rpm
Torque 210 Nm @2,500 rpm
Gearbox 6-speed AMT with paddle shifters
0-100km/h acceleration tim 6-seconds

TAMO sportscar side and rear

Tata Racemo Dimensions (length, width, height, wheelbase, etc.)

Length 3835 mm
Width 1810 mm
Height 1208 mm
Ground Clearance 165 mm
Wheelbase 2430 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 40 litres

Tata TAMO Racemo rear

Tata Racemo sportscar expected launch date in India

While interacting with the media at the Geneva Motor Show, Tata Motors officials had indicated that the Racemo sportscar India launch will take place by the end of this year. As a result, it was expected that the Tata Racemo will be launched in India around Christmas 2017. However, the project has now been called off due to financial constraints.

TAMO Racemo expected price

While various media reports are suggesting a price tag of around Rs. 25 lakh for the Racemo, we expect it to be priced around the 20 lakh mark, even slightly below it. It must be considered that the Racemo is an under 4m car which is powered by just a 1.2-litre engine. This makes it elligible for getting excise duty benefits for small cars. It makes no sense for Tata to keep the length and engine within the limits if it doesn’t want to offer the car at realistic prices.

As far as keeping the product exclusive is considered, Tata has already announced that only 250 units of the Racemo will be sold. Hence, there is no need to price the car exorbitantly to maintain its exclusivity. Additionally, it would be really embarrassing for Tata Motors to not be able to sell even 250 units of the car, if it is priced optimistically.

Tata Racemo interiors

Tata TAMO Racemo models

The Racemo sportscar will be available in two model – a road legal trim with the aforementioned specifications, and a track-exclusive variant that will come with added power, more strict weight distribution and enhanced dynamics. While the regular model will be called Racemo, the track-specific variant will be named Racemo+.

TAMO Racemo on game

Tata Motors recently partnered with Microsoft for developing in car connectivity platforms. As part of this partnership, the TAMO sportscar will now be available on Microsoft’s Forza3 game. As a result, the Racemo will be the first-ever Indian car to feature on the highly-popular car racing game on X-Box.

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